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Lifetime Oil & Filter Changes

Welcome to the new Lifetime Oil & Filter Change program! If you purchase a new or used vehicle from any Moss Bros. Auto Group dealership from now until December 31, 2015, you are automatically eligible for no cost lifetime oil & filter changes as long as you own your vehicle. And now, you are eligible for no cost oil & filter changes whether you buy from us or not! Just test drive any new vehicle from any of our eight dealerships and if you purchase a new vehicle of the same make elsewhere within 7 days, you are still eligible to receive the oil & filter changes.

How You Qualify:

  • Buy any new or used vehicle from a Moss Bros. Auto Group dealership
  • Buy a new vehicle of the same make available at a Moss Bros. Auto Group dealership from a competitor within seven days of taking a test drive at Moss Bros.
  • Have all factory recommended maintenance performed at a Moss Bros. Auto Group dealership

Customer service is a top priority at Moss Bros. Auto Group and that's why we always remind you, "At Moss...You're the Boss!"™. We want our customers to have a great experience and offer you unique benefits for giving us a chance to earn your business. Vehicle performance and resale value are consistently mentioned by customers as important factors when choosing a vehicle, so we're here to help. With proper maintenance, your vehicle will last longer and maintain a higher resale value when it comes time to trade it in. Our Lifetime Oil & Filter Change will help you achieve these important goals and enjoy your vehicle as long as possible.

Again, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and we hope you enjoy receiving a lifetime of free oil & filter changes. Remember, "At Moss...You're the Boss!"™

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  1. No cost oil & filter changes for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

  2. Factory-trained technicians performing all vehicle service.

  3. Longer vehicle life with proper maintenance

  4. Maintain highest vehicle resale value

  5. Savings of approximately $2,000 over the life of the vehicle

  6. Discounted minor, intermediate, and major services - We pay for the oil & filter change!

For more information about this program, please feel free to visit our FAQ page.


From now until December 31, 2015, purchase any vehicle from a Moss Bros. Auto Group ("M.B.A.G.") dealership, or after shopping at a M.B.A.G. dealership first, purchase a New vehicle from any competitor within 7 days for no cost oil/filter changes. Available as long as customer owns the vehicle and has all manufacturer recommended maintenance services performed at a M.B.A.G. dealership. See dealership for program details.